Toei Kyoto Studio Park (Experience Samurai Movies) 
Toei Kyoto Studio Park (Experience Samurai Movies)   东映太秦电影村(体验武士电影)      
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エリア:右京区   街の楽しみ方: 日本文化体験


  • 日本文化体験

It's the live studio performances, however, that steal the show.

The swordfights are extravagant, the facial expressions and body language overly dramatic, and the dialog at times delivered about as convincingly as an elementary school end-of-year play. It's Japanese kitsch at its finest. Quentin Tarantino would love it. You can spend pretty much all day to learn how Samurai movie was made also they have shows no extra cost.Most likely outdoor park, dress casual/active with walking shoes is recommended.
It will take you back into Samurai and Ninja time any age can enjoy and learn by amazing old kyoto theme!

Access Information
Eigamura(Toei Kyoto Studio Park) is open daily from 9am to 5pm (9.30am to 4pm from Dec to Feb). Admission is ¥2,200, though you can get in for half that if you come dressed in a kimono. Take bus number 75 from Kyoto Station to the Uzumasa Eigamura-michi bus stop.


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